How We Got Started...

The Valley Mill Boat Shop is located on the property of Valley Mill Camp Inc.(established in 1956), in Germantown MD.
One of the camp activities, kayaking, has been offered to the many campers at Valley Mill over the years. Campers would start kayaking as early as four years of age on the lake here at Valley Mill. Many of these people would continue on with the sport, and ultimately, some of them would go on to accomplish great things in the world of whitewater paddling. Just take a visit to our " History of Valley Mill" page on our kayak school website and you will see the long list of accomplishments our Valley Mill paddlers have made over the many years;

The "Boat Shop" used to be where many of these people would come to build their very own kayaks out of fiberglass, kevlar, and resin. These kayaks were used for whitewater slalom and downriver racing, and some of these paddlers would go on to win many National Championships and even Olympic medals.

The Boat Shop was converted to a retail store in 2004 and originally managed by Colin Kemp (now Special Projects Director at Jackson Kayak).

Valley Mill Boats is a Jackson Kayak Super Store. Being a Jackson Super Store means we only carry Jackson Kayaks, and are the only Jackson Kayak Dealer in the DC area. We specialize in whitewater, but also can provide you with any kayak that Jackson Kayak produces, including recreational, fishing, and touring kayaks.

We only stock the best gear in our shop, including brands like Shred Ready, Immersion Research, Astral Buoyancy, Accent Paddles, Stride Stand Up Paddle Boards, and more.

See you on the water!
Jim Buley
Manager, Valley Mill Boats